About Us


Bernet international has been offering their clients a large selection of financial advice and services since 2013. Working with individuals and companies, we aim to construct and execute efficient and effective strategies that are proven to generate the returns that you are looking for. One of our main beliefs here at Bernet international is that we only offer our clients heavily researched information that has gone through rigorous checks to ensure that the data we provide is correct. Conducting our business this way has allowed us to show our clients returns that they are more than happy with on a consistent basis. To maximize the quality of our services and the advice we offer, we work with a small selection of other financial service providers, whom we share knowledge and information with. Due to our client focused approach and the information we provide those clients, we have become one of Asia’s most recommended brokerages.

Here at Bernet international we believe in complete transparency when it comes to your finances. At our clients request we are able to provide and disclose our full research and analysis of an investment that they are part of, enabling you as a client to be in full understanding of the what,where,when, and why. We understand that when we are working with you, you need to know how and where your money is working. The difference between Bernet international and other brokerages of our size is how we approach investments. When it comes to opening an account with us, we do everything we can to get to know you as a person, that way we are able to offer you investment opportunities that are relevant to you, and suit your preferred style of investing.

Bernet international knows that when it comes to making moves in the financial markets, that the most important part of any decision is the facts and figures that back up the information. Since 2013 we have paid extremely close attention to our research and analysis sector, as this is truly the gears that enable us to keep moving forward. Our research teams are compiled of ex financial experts, market economists, ex financial strategists and more. Combining our research teams expert knowledge with the modern technology that we use here at Bernet international has worked seamlessly to bring our clients the information that they require at the time they require it. Bernet international has a vision, and their vision is to become one of the leading financial advisory firms in the country, based on results and client satisfaction.