Fixed Income and Derivative Trading


Fixed Income

Bernet international are proud to offer our clients one of the largest selections of investment strategies and income plans in Asia, one of our most sought-after services is our fixed income managed portfolios. This portfolio style is built with the conservative investor in mind, our Fixed Income strategies are able to provide our clients with a steady income and reduced risk. Our team of financial professionals will work with you closely to create and maintain a portfolio that suits your needs while leaving you with minimal exposure in the markets.Combining our team’s knowledge with the exceptional information brought to them by our research teams, our clients find that a fixed income portfolio suits them when they are new to the markets.

Derivative Trading

Bernet international knows that risk is a big part of decisions when it comes to investing, and after speaking with our advisors they will be able to find suitable investment strategies based on your risk tolerance. When our clients are looking to enhance their portfolios, and generate more income, usually our portfolio managers will point you in the direction of futures and options. The combination of these opportunities is a very efficient way to maximize your ROI. Our team of financial experts will assist you, and advise you in every way they can if you are looking to generate more income. We will do our best to provide you with opportunities that fit into your existing portfolio and are tailored to your risk preference.