Portfolio Construction and Management


Bernet international are proud to offer our clients a full service portfolio management service. Since 2013 we have created portfolios for a diverse range of clients from all over the world, when it comes to the creation of these portfolios each client we work with has different needs, different goals, and different tolerance to risk, so each portfolio that out teams create is unique. With over a century experience in the financial markets, we know that not all opportunities suit every individual but every individual suits an opportunity. When working on your portfolio we will focus on you, your portfolio manager will get to know you and then base your portfolio creation around that information. At Bernet international we do not believe in exposing our clients to undue risks which is why before we make any alterations to your portfolio we always present you with the potential outcomes.

When it comes to your portfolio, we understand that as time moves on your needs and financial goals will change, which is why we keep keep you updated with how your portfolio is working, and in turn this allows you to update us in any changes that may effect your needs. One of our main goals when creating a portfolio for a client is making sure that the needs of that client are met, we understand there are a million potential reasons people invest, from education funds, capital growth, retirement, or a residual income, when working with a Bernet international broker you can be assured that we will meet those needs.

When utilizing our Full service portfolio management services, you can have as much or as little input as is convenient to you, the reason we allow our clients to decide this, is because they will have more time to focus on other aspects of their busy lives. Each of our advisors are focused on building your portfolio around you and your personal life, thus enabling you to live life as normal, while having a nest egg being built for you. We make sure that when providing you with investment expertise that we only give you the best possible information, this in turn serves as a benchmark for all future business we may have. Bernet international’s team of portfolio managers are experts in the creation and implementation of heavily researched strategies that are created just for you. By getting to know you as an individual instead of a number on a screen we are able to provide you with investment opportunities that you are comfortable with. Our portfolio managers know that whether you are new to investing or are an experienced investor you need to be updated, which is why we are always there for you when you need to discuss your portfolio or any of your investments.